Project Manager & Designer: Jaasir Ali


Animal PoisonLine is run by the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) and is the only 24-hour specialised emergency telephone service in the UK dedicated to helping pet owners who are worried their pet may have been exposed to something harmful or poisonous.



Animal PoisonLine was seeking brand development coaching and consulting for their social media strategy. We were to help them gain recognition and make them known using social media and offline strategy.

  • SEO & Social media setup
  • Refining Brand story
  • Offline partners


Before we began, we spoke to the managerial team to set targets and to discuss the goals of their social platform. After which we had created a complete social media and content strategy. In addition, we also updated the SEO on the website and created a digital marketing strategy to help improve their Google algorithm.

The main goal was to improve brand recognition of a service which was yet to exist in the UK. As research dictates, google is one of the best forms of traffic so our first goal was to ensure we had regular articles and content being posted on to the website to direct traffic towards us. Thus, we first updated and ensured the website was fully SEO optimised. We then created a schedule to post blog articles bi-weekly and created Facebook, twitter and Instagram handles; our main focus going forward being Facebook and Instagram. This was followed by optimising Google Adwords and creating a dashboard to help analyse data and set the appropriate budget.As usual, one of the most challenging requirements was to create a unique online identity. However, as Animal PoisonLine is almost one of a kind we had a great advantage as our content would be extremely valuable to all pet owners. We created content which was informative and promoted awareness as well some of the dangerous for individual pets and species.Animal PoisonLine is owned by the Veterinary Poisons Information Service and has many partners with media, charities and other Veterinary organisations. This enabled us to create a secondary strategy which allowed us to be featured and partner with other organisations to help spread awareness about Animal PoisonLine.


In the span of 8 months project we were able to achieve and go beyond our targets and goals. 

  • We reached number #1 on google search within 2 months
  • We attained 674% growth on monthly website visits going from 512 visits to 6308
  • Attained 48% of all traffic from Google, 19% from direct links and 15% from Facebook
  • We created a long term social media strategy for Animal PosionLine to allow them to continue their growth.
  • We were averaging 4.5/5 on Facebook Review (2018)
  • We successfully trained their staff on social media strategy and managing their social media platforms.
  • Partnered with PDSA , BBC, Pet stores and other charity organisations to boost outreach.
  • Help create a Promotion video which achieved over 31k views on Facebook and other forms of social media