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Prior to working with Damian Lemar Hudson & Bobby Boy Records – formally known as Team Elysium on Drift Away – A mobile videogame album, we were approached by Damian to help create some unique content to present his story to the world.

We were given complete creative freedom to create short pixel art that represented his journey, lifestyle and experiences. We were able to generate thousands of views, likes and a large number of reshares that directly helped improve his brand performance as well as his customer engagement.

Before we were able to get in touch with Damian Lemar Hudson, we launched a series of clips independently that allowed us to capture his attention to offer us the role in the first instance.


The Making of Black Spiderman Pixel Art Animation

Based on a few random clips that I found online, I was able to put together a short 1-minute pixel art video which showed the production side of the song Black Spiderman. A song that went onto winning a VMA award and achieved over 40-millions views, post release.


The Everybody Pixel Art Trailer

Prior to the launch of Logic’s Everybody album, I was able to recreate a pixel art version of his album launch trailer which received thousands of likes and was shared across different social media accounts and channels.

After these clips were presented to the world, I was introduced to Damian Lemar Hudson where we went onto releasing a number of projects together.


The Making of Damian Lemar Hudson

A short series of pixel art music videos that we put together that helped generate thousands of views for the musician.

A recreation of Damian and Logic’s performance at Jimmy Kimmel Live.

A concept album artwork piece based on Logic featuring Damian Lemar Hudson – Black Spiderman the Videogame

These projects eventually gave birth to the notion of Drift Away a video game we launched back in 2017 which generated over 40,000 downloads and maintained a 4.5 rating across both iOS and the Google Playstore for the years it was supported.

We were also able to put together a short music video recreation piece for Voyager drive which was reposted across different social media channels and was able to get thousands of views and was shared across different record labels’ social media accounts.