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We were approached by Bobby Boy Records part of the Def Jam group and formerly known as Team Elysium, which is owned by the VMA award winner Logic back in 2016. They requested us to utilise our creative team to come up with a way to promoted one of their upcoming talents, Damian Lemar Hudson.




Our team brainstormed a few ideas and we knew we reached the perfect idea when we discovered that we would be the first to produce a creative project like this. Our vision was to produce the world’s first ever video game music album, which our team built, developed and designed then marketed to the world. We also needed to ensure that our team of developers produced a cross-platform app supporting all phones and mobile OS types. The design team was also responsible for building marketing materials as well as the brand merchandise and e-store that was able to cater for demand and generate traffic.

For this project we had to complete the following objectives:

  • Build the app
  • Build a marketing campaign
  • Create brand products
  • Build and set up an E-store



Target: Create and send a full product into market representing celebrities and other famous stakeholders

For this project we had to split the tasks up and work within stages:

The first part of the development was creating a compelling script and story. This was followed by recording and editing all of the voices and then creating the characters and animations. We had special guests from Visionary and Elysium appear on the app.

Once the character designs were completed, we worked with our developer to help build the app on both Apple and Android devices. We hand designed every single asset in the game and solved complex app building problems such as app size, glitches and design flaws.

Finally, when the alpha version was completed we completed vigorous testing with beta testers and delivered constant updates throughout the year.

One of the most challenging but most fun tasks was marketing to our target audience which included fans and music loves. We made use of concerts, events and YouTuber’s to help promote the game around the world. We even created a trailer in Japanese for the Japan tour.

In addition, to the tour we also created merchandise, t- shirts and other Drift away memorabilia for our e-store. We also ran competitions with signed merchandise including t-shirts, artwork and custom designs.

We bought and set up the domain and hosting then built a full mobile supporting website with a Woo-commerce store for all of the merchandise and app identity. Anyone was able to go on to the website to download the game or to buy goods help support the game.



Over the year we were able to achieve and go beyond our targets and goals we set up to do.


  • We had over 30,000 downloads across android and apple
  • Averaged an excellent 4.7/5 rating on both stores
  • Featured celebrities including a song by the VMA Award winner Logic who was the final boss of the game.
  • Reached over 3.6 million views for the brand campaign.
  • Designed an excellent website which received constant heavy traffic from users.
  • Created a fun and memorable offline brand campaign with unique mini business cards and merchandise promotion
  • Featured on Dashiexp’s YouTube channel attain over 659,000 views
  • Created a promotional video in English and Japanese which received over 15,000 views
  • Had no advertisement costs