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Dyno is a British Gas subsidiary and Dyno Kent is part of the Franchise. They fix everything from blocked drains, burst pipes and boilers, offering a 24-hour emergency response time across the UK, using the latest technology and good old-fashioned expertise to fix a wide array of problems. They are the UK’s largest plumbing force with entire networks of Gas Safe registered engineers.



We were hired by Dyno to solve their marketing issues and create a new marketing strategy and were also required to implement all the changes on an ongoing plan.

For this task we had many challenges to deal with these included:

  • Meeting high sales targets
  • Reduce marketing expenditure and increase efficiency
  • Engage with a disconnected audience
  • Find alternatives to social media
  • Work within brand guidelines
  • Train the workforce
  • Upgrade technology and data


Target: Create new avenues for sales and find alternative solutions to marketing

We started off by liaising and learning about all the restrictions in place from the parent company. Once we had learnt the parameters we can work within, we set out to create a marketing strategy which will allow Dyno Kent to attain the greatest, most efficient return for their money.

We redesigned their online store and updated over 100 products to ensure it was the most efficient and user friendly site as possible, where customers can easily purchase their wares from. From the upgrade we were able to increase our rank on Checkatrade which helped improve our SEO as well.

We created and designed emails for Mailchimp as well as train and manage the software for the sales team. More importantly we ensured that all the databases were properly created, connected and recording the most valuable data for leads.

Since social media was also off the table, we looked to create the best offline marketing material and created brochures, leaflets, flyers, newspaper ads and billboard advertisements. We ran a few campaigns to help get in front of a new audience.

Lastly, to help with costs and efficiency we also managed a Data migration and set up a new CRM software for Dyno Kent to manage their data and leads.




Since attaining Dyno Kent as a client we have:


  • Greatly increased their sales through offline channels
  • Improved their digital customer experience
  • Successfully implemented their new CRM software
  • Created a new website SEO optimised
  • Designed a profitable e-commerce shop
  • Created new B2B proposal documents which generated key leads and new clients