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Following the success of our pixel art stylised content, we were approached by Gary Vaynerchuk’s team to put together a short promotional campaign for his K-Swiss trainers. We were given complete freedom for the concept and were able to turn this project around in the space of 48 hours.

The Clip

We were able to storyboard a concept which included a video game intro, tittle screen and a short sequence of an avatar of Gary’s spreading positivity by sharing these trainers with the world. We had no advertising material to play with expect for everything that was already published. We therefore had the challenge of turning existing content into something that was fresh and well received.


The Response

We were able to generate thousands of views on our social media pieces and received positive feedback not from other members of their community but from the production team at Vaynermedia itself. Through this piece we are looking to further expand our relationship with the company to put together more content for entrepreneurs and creatives in the near future.