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Habaneros is a growing franchise which specialises in high quality burgers and brings authentic flavours of Mexico into their cuisine. They have 2 very popular stores in London and are growing out.



Habaneros was in need of a clear Brand and social media strategy to help them stand out from their competition and gain a more credible following on their Instagram account. There were some key objective which we needed to carry out for this brand such as:

  • Growing local community
  • Refining Brand story
  • New image for the Social media



Target: Create an active local community and support the branches in London

Before we began, we completed a full social media analysis looking at the performance of the each platform as well as their current trends and demographics. After evaluating the research we created a few strategies to help Habaneros achieve their goals which are as followed:

We noticed that many of the followers on the Instagram account were based internationally and the previous agency did not control the demographics of followers. Therefore, the real active community did not correspond to the amount of followers on the page. Thus, we started to target a much smaller demographic focusing on the local community and building a strong relationship in their Tooting and Willesden Green branch. This involved use working with online and offline strategies to help attain the best engagement.

One of the most challenging requirements was to create a unique online identity. With thousands of restaurants in London and hundreds of thousands of restaurants online, we needed to create a brand story which resonated with people and was unique online. This was vital for creating social media content and anything else we produced in the upcoming future.

As stated there are hundreds of thousands online accounts, so it was crucial we gave Habaneros account a reason to be followed. We devised a strategy to help bring value to all the followers and created competitions to encourage and active community.





In the span of 3 months we were able to achieve and go beyond our targets and goals.


  • We helped to create a new unique brand story for Habaneros explaining their unique heritage and good practices.
  • We were able to create unique original content which was loved by followers including recipes, facts and features of the best dishes.
  • We created a long term social media strategy for Habaneros to continue implementing the plan on forward.