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We worked closely with M restaurant to coach and consult the company on a wide range of things from the development of their advertising campaign to the planning of campaigns for their events.


Market research report

We were asked to analyse and report on their current social media platforms and performance too see how we can further enhance and improve their brand. From the results we attained we were able to go to the next stage of building out a marketing strategy.


Marketing strategy

We were able to work alongside their team to build a strategy suited to their needs, schedules and able to maximise their outreach. The strategy document was used by the core marketing team to enable them improve their brand internally.


Brand coaching

In addition to creating the strategy, we also provided the core marketing team with workshops and tutorial on creating content as well as an ongoing support line for any challenges they may have.


Overall thoughts

It has been an amazing experience working with the M restaurant team. We at the Republic, love teaching and were really impressed by the inhouse team’s implementation of the strategy’s we prepared and techniques we taught.