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Tezos UK established in October 2018 and was looking to expand its local core community in London and around the UK.




Tezos UK hired the Brand Block for a few simple goals; assist to build the community, find educational and industry partners.

Here are some of the key tasks we focused on:

  • Growing core community
  • Linking with educational Partners
  • Helping to establish Industry connections
  • Running meetups and events



For this task we set up and created 4 strategies for the 4 goals which are as followed:

For this the strategy was to promote in meetup, gain exposure through attending events as a speaker and to increase the meetup group presence. The more exposure we gained the more Tezos UK would shine and become recognised.

This was one of the most challenging requirements as finding the key people in universities who can are interested in working with new projects and giving a platform to present and talk is always a contest.

For those who have their own businesses or work in sales and partnerships know the challenges of gaining leads and passing gatekeepers. Especially with the image of Blockchain being overshadowed by Cryptocurrency many industry projects would not want to give you the time of day.

Although, this was one of the most straightforward of all the tasks, ensuring the community had a voice and that every meetup delivered value was the most crucial factor.



In the span of 4 months we were able to achieve and go beyond our targets and goals.


  • Helped achieve over 200+ members on Meetup, beating and doubling the initial quota
  • Assisted in running 6 successful meetups with a total turnout of over 220 people
  • Created a successful social and offline strategy plan
  • Created detailed infographics for the Tezos UK community e.g. explaining ‘baking’ to the community
  • Gain a speaking position for Tezos UK at Oxford University
  • Introduced Tezos UK to Oxford Fintech and Law and Oxford Blockchain Society
  • Acquainted Tezos UK with University College London Blockchain society
  • Built partnerships with Kings College, London School of Economics and Imperial University
  • Provided Tezos UK with exclusive access to VIP Blockchain events
  • Gained access to Government round-table discussions for future policies