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West Ham FC was looking to create a new creative social media piece for their online platforms as well as their match day programme.



The Head of Marketing at West Ham FC hired us with the intention of creating content in a pixel art style. We were given 2 weeks to create a range of creative pieces fit for their Instagram page.



Target: Show West Ham FC from a unique perspective and add a creative element to the everyday match day programme.

This was a relatively straightforward project for The Republic. We started by working closely with the West Ham’s marketing team and spent time analysing and understanding West Ham’s team, stadium and fans. After a few days research we started the designs for the project.

With the research completed we created the highest quality pixel designs of the pitch, stadium, players and club. By the end of the project we had created numerous animations, statics, avatars and stadium designs.



Within a few days:

  • Achieved over a total accumulated 1,180,000 views on Instagram
  • Received over 8000 likes on Instagram
  • Wide range of comments and customer engagement
  • Gained approval of fans and the community
  • Hundreds of shares across fans accounts
  • Increase in followers