Project Manager: Jaasir Ali

Creative Director: Rajpal Rekhi


Yellow is Blockchain Incubator there goal is to enable Blockchain start-ups with seed investments, mentorships, software solutions and advisory (STOs, token economics, marketing, fundraising and listing) as our core offerings. Yellow’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) came to us with an emergency request to build a Wix based website within 4 days.



After purchasing a multi-million dollar domain, Yellow hired us to find an appropriate theme and build the full website within 4 days. In addition, after the website was complete we were also requested to make the website SEO optimised and setup their SEO monitoring accounts.

The main tasks we were required to do are as follows:

  • Theme research
  • Wireframe
  • Build
  • SEO optimisation



Even with intense pressure of the tight deadline this was a fairly straightforward project for The Republic. We started by splitting up tasks within the 4 days we had available.

Within the first 12 hours of the project we had already gone through the Wix theme database and had selected our 2 favourite candidates for the website. One of which the CMO loved which allowed us to move immediately to the build.

During these types of projects we usually create wireframes for our projects. However, as we were under pressure with the tight deadline the CMO trusted our vision and let us work on the build directly.

All the design elements were created by hand and the build took 2 days to complete. We had the website ready for our client on the third day after finishing our final checks. The website was had numerous pages and the whole website was optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile view. After a review from Yellow’s CMO, we were given excellent feedback for the website and after making a few minor changes we were told also help with SEO.

After the website was finished we went through the content ensuring that all the written content as well as the metadata for the images used ensuring everything was perfect. After we were happy we finished installing SEO tracking software and then created a custom made tracking dashboard for Yellow to use and monitor their traffic.



Within the span of 1 week were able to set out all the targets which were requested upon us.


  • Completed a full website under an immense pressured deadline
  • Create a bespoke dashboard and monitoring service
  • Create scheduled reports to notify all stake holders of website performance
  • Within the first 3 months helped attain over 30,000 page views on the website
  • Have over 10% of traffic directly from organic search and social media
  • Helped with one of the best Fintech accelerators in Thailand